"Charlotte's Web" is a beloved childhood story and Cedar Crest College Performing Art's production of a full-length play last weekend, stays true to the original 1952 book from which it is adapted.

The enchanting tale about an unlikely friendship between a little pig and a spider has touched hearts over the years and this production continues that tradition.

Kiana Clarke hits all the right notes as Charlotte the spider "who is a true friend and a good writer," making her gentle, kind and clever as she moves quietly and smoothly around her web in the barn.

Alexis Macatangay is her physical opposite as a boisterous, playful and fun-loving Wilbur. Macatangay embodies the little pig from enthusiastic grunts and snorts to running energetically around the pen.

Giselle Tavarez is determined and heartfelt as Fern, the little girl "up before dawn, ridding the world of injustice" who saves the runt pig from her father's hatchet.

Candice Malkowicz and Emma Herstein are solid as Fern's caring, but no-nonsense parents, while Andrea Abdale makes Fern's little brother Avery a bit of a brat.charlotte

Emily Strohl and Marissa Madson are believable as the down-to-earth Zuckermans who own the farm on which Wilbur is raised.

Among the barnyard inhabitants, Beth Kistler's Templeton the rat is somewhat laid back while Meagan Rogers and Catherine Sarte's sheep are a bit arch and slightly cheeky.

Adding a touch of comic relief are the Meaghan Lawler and Ashli Starks as the sartorial Goose and Gander who can't stop repeating themselves. Grace Hurd also gives a humorous turn as the not-too-bright farmhand Lurvy.

The costumes by Brian Strachan are effective with the animals getting suggestive rather than transformative outfits.

The set by Roxanne Amico creates just the right the right atmosphere with a realistic-feeling barn and pig pen.

Director Clair Freeman has put all the parts together to create a delightful show that is light-hearted, but still deals with the serious notes of the story in a touching manner.