In joint celebration of St Patricks Day and the Welcoming of Spring, Crowded Kitchen Players will present its original stage adaptation of A.E. Housmans neglected masterpiece, A Shropshire Lad March 21 through April 6, 2014 at McCooles Arts and Events Place in Quakertown, PA.

A Shropshire Lad presents the simple story of young aspiring writer, Terence Hearsay, sitting alone one winters night at a table in a busy pub in County Shropshire, just on the border between England and Wales, in the year 1887.

goran 1As Terence scribbles and tears page after page from his tablet in a poets struggle to make sense of the terrifying and merciless world he sees around him--- one of sudden and shocking death, of young love and broken hearts, of war and senseless slaughter, of the swift passing of youth, of intolerance and cruelty---

he slowly awakens to his fellow patrons drinking lustily, dancing feverishly, and endlessly flirting in a nightly and ritualistic celebration of their humble place in that very same world.

A cast of 18 sturdy CKP alumni portrays farmers and barmaids, soldiers and widows, jilted lovers, murderers, constables, drunks, trollops, and ghosts in this light-hearted embrace of the bittersweet miseries of life.

The play is choreographed by Sarah Thomas and directed by Ara Barlieb.

Goran Zdravkovic plays Terence Hearsay. The ensemble includes Pamela Wallace, Sarah Thomas, Rebecca Burroughs, Nancy Mikkelsen, Dan Ferry, Scott VanNortwick, Brian Keller, Patti Squire, Kayla Prestel, Rachel Tizol, Kat Valleley, Paula Klein, JR Rosen, Stephanie Steigerwalt, Chris, David Fox, and Libby Ross,

Alexandra Racines is Stage Manager.

The set is designed by Clark Ferguson.

Sharon Ferry is Dialogue Coach.

For information, please call 610-395-7176 and visit their website