Reclaimed Performing Arts Company will present "Much Ado About Nothing," at 7 p.m. Dec. 10 in the Rodale Room on the third floor of Miller Symphony Hall, 23 N 6th St, Allentown. Cameron Kunsman

Reclaimed Performing Arts Company was founded by 2023 Cedar Crest College graduate Carter Reichard, who says the goal is to create a judgment-free artistic space, that is not limited by how artists are perceived.

"We have been focused on removing the type-casting lens from the casting process," Reichard says. "We produce a variety of productions and styles of theater, with the goal of showcasing those that are typically unseen and under-represented in the arts." Olivia Theisen 1

Reichard also is director for "Much Ado About Nothing," a Shakespeare comedy that will be the first show in the groups "Extreme Shakespeare" series.

For extreme Shakespeare, the cast will spend just one day rehearsing the production before performing.

After the show was cast in August, actors received the scripts along with expectations from Reichard and production team of Jack Warnke, Chelsi Fread and Reese Blaszczyk, including costuming and anything specific that needs to be worked on. Jordan Frantz 3

On the day of the performance, the cast will come in and rehearse during the day. They will learn their blocking, work through anything they need to that hasn't already been handled, and perform the show that night.

One of Shakespeares most performed plays, "Much Ado About Nothing" follows the romantic pairings of Claudio, played by Cameron Kunsman, and Hero, played by Olivia Theisen; and Claudio's friend Benedick, played by Jordan Frantz, and Hero's cousin Beatrice, played by Samantha Philipps. Claudio and Hero fall in love when Claudio arrives in Messina with a group of soldiers. However their relationship is nearly ruined by false accusations by the villain Don John, played by Fiona Wilson. Benedick and Beatrice seem an unlikely couple with their verbal sparring but are tricked into confessing their love for each other. The title uses a play on words referencing "noting," which means gossip and rumors and sounds like "nothing."SamanthaPhilipps

The cast also Bob Falkenstein, Travis Nugent, Aaron Castro, Parker Ryan, Erick Goldsmith, Matt Johnston, London Griffith, Andrew Galindez, Ty Schacher, Chelsi Fread, Meaghan Lawlor, Tanya Toulomelis, Ash Miller, Kelsey Snivey, Emma George and Isabella Robbins.

Tickets are $5. For information, go to

Head shots:Cameron Kunsman (Claudio)

Olivia Theisen (Hero)

Jordan Frantz (Benedick)

Samantha Philipps (Beatrice)